How is Oshenite reinventing plastics?

1. Oshenite® is redefining the nature of plastics
We are putting a creation of nature in the plastic. Oshenite® is naturally made by a unique oceanic cycle. It is not a finite resource. It is renewable and extremely pure.

2. Oshenite® is cost effective
Oshenite can replace fossil fuel resins at up to 60% loads in plastics.

3. Oshenite® brings plastics performance
Oshenite® builds product strength and requires less energy to produce.

4. Oshenite® represents a new bioplastics foundation
Oshenite® is naturally made, biorenewable and contains modern carbon.

5. Oshenite® sequesters massive amounts of carbon as it mineralizes in the Bahamas Ocean
Oshenite® offers a positive carbon footprint

With Oshenite® in plastics we are moving towards a renewable world